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package your tail light(s) for safe shipping

Pack your Tail Light Right!

How To Package Tail Lights

Pack them right before it goes wrong! On occasion, we receive tail light shipments that just never stood a chance. Make sure you are packing your tail light the right way to protect it and your pocketbook!

A small investment in bubblewrap will keep you from rolling into the dealership for a $700+ repair!

Wrap each tail light tightly with bubblewrap.  This will protect the lens from getting scratched during shipping.  If you are shipping a pair of tail lights, wrap them SEPARATELY or with padding in between them.

Next, place the tail light(s) in a good size box.  There should be 2-3 inches of space between the tail light and any edge of the box.  You will want to pack this extra space with additional bubblewrap.  Be sure to line the bottom of the package with bubblewrap – keep the tail light near the center of the package and away from the sides of the box.  The space around the tail light will protect it from striking against other shipments and hard objects, like the ground!

Recommended minimum box size for one OEM GMC Yukon tail light is 21 x13 x13 inches.  If you are shipping two tail lights, the recommended minimum box size is 24 x24 x13 inches.

Please include your PayPal receipt, return shipping address, and phone number – just in case we need to get in touch with you.

Handy info: Click on your model year below to be directed to for a PDF version of your owners manual.


page 307


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page 10-31

We understand that you may have additional questions on How To Remove and Replace Yukon Taillamp, so do not hesitate to ask.  We have had hundreds of customers remove their own taillamp or brake light assemblies with no issue.  All you need is a few minutes and the corresponding screwdriver.  Give us a call today!

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